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One of the most popular television programs of Hellenic TV is ‘Omogenia Edo Londino’, This programme provides a summary of recent events in the Greek Speaking Community of London, organised every week by various Associations, Clubs and other community bodies. It covers events relating to visits of prominent personalities from Cyprus and Greece in the community. It is broadcast every Friday at about 8.30pm. Program presenter for the past few years is Dimitra Nikitaki.

The programs includes extracts from interviews as community events. Interviews are either on location or in the Hellenic TV studio in North London.
Recent emergency measures, because of COVID-19 have let to the stop of all live events. Currently (March, April, May 2020) all interviews are carried out remotely, using zoom or Skype

Programming and editing of the show is supervised by George Lingos.

The show 'Omogenia Edo Londino’  focuses the spotlight on our community and is covering all significant and important events and issues such as political events surrounding Cyprus and Greece, our community academic system, exhibitions and various paintings in addition to social and cultural events of Hellenism in Great Britain. Also, the program presents and promotes business and community entities, informing of future events in the community.

Omogenia Edo Londino - Community:This is London

hellenic tv productions

Through the lens of Hellenic TV

This programme is broadcast every Wednesday at about 7.45pm and every
Saturday at 8.00pm. The programme presents recent community events, in their entirety held during the year and other related issues, activities and events through the daily and social life of the Greek and Cypriot communities.

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Tomorrow is Sunday

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The program "Tomorrow is Sunday" is broadcast with a different theme every Saturday on Hellenic TV. The program is prepared and presented by the Reverant Joseph Paliouras, and has been broadcast for more than three decades. The subject matter is Theological in character and contains Religious Byzantine hymns. It presents the main topic of the sermon of next day, giving the opportunity to the devouted christians to prepare ahead of the service and to know what will follow the next day. This program, makes it possible to prepare for what follows, thus making the service more understandable.

The program "Tomorrow is Sunday" is broadcast by Hellenic TV every Saturday at 7.15pm.

Faces - Prosopa

Τhis programme is broadcast every Sunday evening at 8pm. The presenter of the programme is Vasilis Panayis who presents different personalities (Politicians, Actors, Singers, and other personalities), from the Greek and Cypriot Community in Britain, as well as from Greece and Cyprus.

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Photo2- Draksasthe pedias Anna Bithikots

Draksasthe Paideias - Seize Education

This is a weekly program (every Tuesday 7.45pm), prepared by the well
known in the Greek Cypriot Community, Father Joseph Paliouras and
produced by Hellenic TV at the Wood Green studios. Father Joseph has a
guest each week and analyses a variety of issues, associated with education

and culture in our community.

The Movies of the Week

This program is presented by Tzila Tzylyftari. It is broadcast every Wednesday night at 20:00 and presents the films of the week, starting with the following day. In this program information is provided as to the type of film (comedy, drama, adventure etc), the script writer and Director of the film as well as the main actors taking part. Finally a small summary of the storyline is given, without of course, revealing the outcome, so as not to spoil it for the audience. Finally some exerts from the film are broadcast, in order to give the audience a taste of what is to come. 

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Photo4-eleftheria, Tsiakkas, Christiana,

Choosing a Career

Eleftheria Sofroniou presents every Sunday at 19:30 h a new profession. The purpose of this program is to inform young candidates of each profession, what exactly each profession requires: what skills are needed, what qualifications and what exactly each profession does. The information is presented through an interview with a person from the profession.

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Greek Stories 

In this program, which is broadcast every Monday night at 20:00, Avgoustinos Galiassos presents personalities from the Greek community of London, professional Greeks who are successful in their jobs.

PHOT 1-Avgoustinos #Alkionides Tatiana d
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White Blue

This program presents documentaries of selected Tourist attractions across Greece. The beauty of Greece is presented in all its glory.

The program is produced and directed by Spyros Fren and Ifigenia Fren.

Presenters: Ifigenia Fren and Irini Kiritsi.


Hellenic Showroom

An entertaining show with various subjects such as Greek Culture, interviews with personalities from show business, Greek Tourism and the Greek way of Life. 

This program is produced by Spyros Fren and Ifigenia Fren.

Directed by Spyros Fren

Presented by Semina Tsokana, Vasoulla Christodoulou and Ada Mourati.

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