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HELLENIC TV is now available on FREEVIEW Channel 225, EVERYWHERE in the UKYou can break out of the recession by advertising your product and services on HELLENIC TV.Hellenic TV has the lowest advertising rates in the UK and possibly in the whole World.Hellenic TV does not just advertise your business. IT PROMOTES THEM!Hellenic TV offers you a great opportunity for you to promote your business at a very affordable price and with lots of extra benefits. Your adverts are going to be shown locally as well as Nationwide and via our brand new website throughout the whole world!!There is a variety of package deals to choose from for your advertisement, deals that can fit every customer ‘s demands and budget.You can choose among our 5 packs, the one that is more suitable for you and your Company’s needs.

HELLENIC TV's Advertising Packages are above.
You may click on each one of them to read more details.

We offer advertising spots during commercial breaks of 30 seconds each.Each pack gives you different options and benefits and different combinations of exposure, different campaign durations etc


.Read on and find out how to make a new start for your Company by advertising on Hellenic TV.


We offer the lowest Television rates in the UK; if you find a better offer, for advertising on Television anywhere in the UK, we shall refund the difference!!!!


Advertising on Hellenic TV, amounts to a long term investment for your company.


Our Goal is Your success! Your Success is also Our Success! Our aim is to increase your turnover and your Profits!

The HELLENIC TV PLATFORM available from CytelUK Telecom Ltd, offers a wide variety of Greek Language channels from Greece from Cyprus and from London. It covers almost all  that the Greek TV market can offer. There are more than 50 Greek language television channels from Greece and Cyprus and three local channels from London. In particular HELLENIC TV1,  available on the HELLENIC TV/CytelUK platform offers 10-13 Greek films every week and several serials.

There are 3 ways to watch Hellenic TV:





Channel 271


On the ROKU Stick of CytelUK TV



on your computer or tablet

or your Mobile Phone


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