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Hellenic TV GR

Brief History 

In June 2013 the Greek Government took the decision to close down the Greek National TV Channel ERT.

A lot of employees from ERT found themselves without a job and a large number of them found their way to London.

Hellenic TV, with its limited resources, welcome some of them and for two years they cooperated with some journalists, camera-men and presenters from ERT.

One of the people who was at Hellenic TV during this period was Spyros Fren, a News Cameraman with ERT.

When ERT reopened again in June 2015, Spyros Fren decided to go back to Greece with his family, his wife Ifigenia and their two children. When back in Greece he did not forget the hospitality of Hellenic TV and decided to set up Hellenic TV GR, in order to enhance the programs broadcast on Hellenic TV.

He and his team have been working for a number of years and in order to operate as a legal entity in Greece they set up a new company CHEVAL MEDIA GROUP.





The Cheval Media Group, based in Athens Greece has the exclusive task of preparing the productions of Hellenic TV in Greece. 

The HELLENIC TV (GR) based Athens in Greece.


The team of Hellenic TV (GR) has undertaken to produce high quality programs, in order to enhance the productions of Hellenic TV in London and to strengthen the links between the diaspora and Greece.

A number of new programs are now produced in Greece by the Hellenic TV GR -Cheval Media Group team.






An entertaining show with various subjects such as Greek Culture, interviews with personalities from show business, Greek Tourism and the Greek way of Life. 



Greek music has won international fame and this program provides brakes of seven minutes instrumental Greek Music extracts.



This program presents documentaries of selected Tourist attractions across Greece.



This is a contribution to the Hellenic TV Program in London, linking the various centres of the Hellenic Diaspora from all over the world.

These productions centre around the various events in Athens of particular interest to the Greek people living abroad and is broadcast as part of OMOGENIA-This is London. One such event was organised by the General Secretariat of Hellenes Abroad for the World Greek Language Day. This event was also broadcast LIVE on Hellenic TV.



A new program of Greek politics in a very original manner. With the Greek expatriates having now the right to vote in the National Greek General Elections, this program aims to informs those Greeks living abroad, the happenings in the Greek political scene.

The aim is to provide balanced information on Greek politics, for our compatriots and voters, through Hellenic TV International.

The presentation of the show will be made by the well-known journalist Giannis Skalkos together with Ifigenia Fren.



Future Productions

Other productions are planned for the near future.  Our program will be enriched with other productions covering the following areas:

  • Learning Greek

  • The Greek Economy

  • Greek Mythology

  • Greek History

  • Agriculture

  • The Greek Islands

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cheval media group

The Team of Hellenic TV GR

spiros fren foto.jpg

Spyros Fren

  • Facebook

Dimitris Lekkos

  • Facebook

Member of Cheval Media Group (Cmg) 

Cameraman & Technical Support of Hellenictv Gr.

Director of Photography at ERT for more than 30 years. Teacher of photography in a number of schools


Paris Sarrikostas

  • Facebook

Member of Cheval Media Group (Cmg) 

Photographer of Hellenictv Gr Productions

Exclusive photographer of Hellenic Olympic Committee since 1983. He has been awarded the PSAT Award for Best Sports Photography for 2019.

Screenshot 2020-06-18 at 11.52.41.png

Giannis Skalkos

Chief Editor & Presenter of the program Hellenic Agenda.

Co- presenter of ERT program 'Together at the Weekend'.  This is a three our news program which analyses all current events with live links, interviews and repots, informing on what is happening in politics, economics, every day life, culture and sports.

CEO Cheval Media Group (CMG) Manager of Hellenictv Gr Director of Productions

30 years of presence on Greek television including all the Olympics Games 2000-2012, Eurovision song contest & European Football Championship 2004. 

Screenshot 2020-06-18 at 12.01.09.png

Ifigeneia Fren

Journalist & Presenter

φωτο ταυτοτητας.jpg

Semina Tsokana

  • Facebook

Journalist & Presenter


Maria Avgeri

  • Facebook

Manager of Productions 

Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 07.54.26.png

Ada Murati

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Journalist & Presenter

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